Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad 2022

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When shopping for a mattress pad to keep you comfortable, you may want a product that will help you sleep well, and allow you to relax in your own bed.   This [easyazon_link identifier=”B002DELZ7I” locale=”US” tag=”mymattresspads-20″]Pinzon mattress pad[/easyazon_link] will do all of these things and can be purchased without having to spend a lot of money. Keep reading for all the information you need to make an informed decision about this product and to determine if you like it.
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Here is a list of the most noteworthy features of this product:
  • Comes in different sizes. It doesn’t matter what size your mattress is because this pad can be purchased for all the major bed sizes, even a twin XL, which is commonly found in dorm rooms. Each size will fit comfortably on the bed it’s designed for, especially since it has elastic to fit on the mattress without moving around a lot.
  • Very soft top. The top of the pad is constructed of a microfiber top, so it’s extremely soft. You may feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud whenever you use it. It can make up for the fact that you don’t have a pillow top mattress, in some cases.
  • Stitched so that no filling moves around. This allows the product to keep its shape at all times. Each aspect of the design has special enclosed stitches so that there’s no way it will get flat or become lopsided. It will remain just the way you bought it, if it’s cared for correctly.

What Users Say

Many people that use this product love it. They feel that it gives them some luxury in beds that didn’t offer any before. They also love how soft the top layer of this pad is, and some even debated whether they wanted to cover it up with a sheet.   On the other hand, the bed will be so comfortable it may be hard to keep your pet out of bed. Many people reported that their dogs and cats love the item as much as they do.   Other comments include that it keeps your body cool, so you won’t overheat from using this product, and it fits well on different types of mattresses. Since it’s designed to keep its shape, it is easy to keep it looking fresh, but you might have to adjust it from time to time because it can move around after you’ve slept on it for a few nights.   It also doesn’t start to smell or hold odors, so there’s no reason to air it out or use any type of deodorizer on it. It is light and fluffy enough to stay clean for a while, even with regular use.

Other Tips

One thing that’s very important to note about this product is that you have to care for it in a special way. You can’t wash it in a washing machine because it may get damaged or melt, due to the materials it’s made of.   The manufacturer is very clear in this and explains right on the item’s label that it must be dry-cleaned.  This isn’t really a problem as long as you don’t spill anything on it, especially since you can spot clean it with natural products like baking soda and peroxide if you need to. These items won’t discolor the pad and won’t damage it either.   It will also work if you’re trying to dress up a sleeper sofa, which is something people don’t always think about. However, the beds that are in sofas are usually quite uncomfortable, so this can be a big help.   Consider what size your bed is before you make a purchase to ensure that it fits just right. You can purchase one for any member of your family, even a young child whose bed needs to be a little bit plusher.   The product itself is filled well enough to keep you warm when it’s cold outside, but also won’t make you sweat when it’s hot. You can use it throughout the year to get better sleep.   Since it fits firmly on your bed, it also protects your mattress, so even if something is spilled on this pad, it shouldn’t harm your mattress at all.   The fact that it has so much padding that’s sealed into the design also makes you feel like this product is not only well made, but will work for many different purposes.   It isn’t waterproof, but that’s okay because you can always purchase a waterproof item instead, if that’s something you need. This pad will be able to keep you cozy and allow you to belay purchasing a new mattress just because yours isn’t feeling as comfortable as it used to.


The [easyazon_link identifier=”B002DELZ7I” locale=”US” tag=”mymattresspads-20v”]Pinzon mattress pad[/easyazon_link] has over 50 ounces of filling, which makes this item just as good as some types of duvets. There are options available, so it can fit securely on any size of bed you may have, and it isn’t a product that will get beat up or lose its shape.   Some people aren’t thrilled that it has to be dry-cleaned, but if you’re putting a sheet on the top of it and you make your bed, there are fewer chances for spills and accidents. Furthermore, you should be able to spot treat it in an emergency.   Besides that, many people and their pets love this item and it lasts a long time without any problems. The top of it is a very soft material that will be able to lull you to sleep, and the underneath is strong enough not to rip, due to its spandex sides.

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