Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad – Queen 2021

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Sold by Pinzon, this [easyazon_link identifier=”B000VESM46″ locale=”US” tag=”mymattresspads-20″]Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad—Queen[/easyazon_link] is made from 100% polyester with spandex included in the sides for elasticity, and the base of the mattress pad is made from olefin.

It is an imported product and has an overfilled pad to ensure maximum comfort. Because of how well sewn this mattress pad is, you do not need to worry about it sliding off your original mattress as it will remain securely in place once it is properly placed on the mattress.

The detailed end-to-end box stitching on the mattress pad ensures that the filling will remain intact so you do not have to worry about flat areas on the pad. Overall, the mattress pad weighs just about 7 pounds which is an indication of how well padded it is.

To ensure that this product maintains its premium quality, it is advised that it should be professionally cleaned or it can be dry cleaned.

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  • Materials: 100% polyester top, 100% olefin bottom, 10% spandex sides
  • Loft-retaining, polyester filling
  • Overfilled for extra comfort
  • Imported
  • End-to-end box stitched
  • Weighs 6.9 pounds
  • Soft, durable padding
  • Fits deep and pillow top mattresses
  • Professional wash or dry clean only


  • Because it has a very plush padding, it is very soft and comfy.
  • It actually keeps you cool because of the type of fabric that is used to make it.


  • It may be quite inconvenient and expensive to dry clean in comparison with the purchase price.


Filled with polyester, this Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad—Queen has more than ample padding and is extremely comfortable since it is quite soft.

The pad is actually fairly heavy because of the amount of padding it contains. However, this is not such a bad thing as you would expect this product to have enough padding that it can be comfy when you lay on it.

Although the mattress pad does not have the traditional quilt-style sewing, it has end-to-end box stitching that ensures that the padding remains in place as you move around on it.

You should not have any issues with this product fitting your queen-size bed regardless of whether you have a deep mattress or a pillow top. It stretches quite easily to fit most sizes of mattresses and will remain secure unless intentionally removed.


The features of the Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad—Queen are pretty awesome. But you might be wondering how it compares with other products that boast similar specifications. Let us look at 2 products that are comparable.

The first product we will look at is the CozyClouds Extra Plush Luxurious Billowy Clouds Hypoallergenic Gel Fiber Poly Overfilled Quilted Pillow-Top Thick 300 Thread Count 100% Cotton Cover Queen Size Fitted Mattress Topper Pad.

It is hypoallergenic and is made of natural cotton. The gel fiber poly fill is used to fill the mattress pad and it is machine washable. It is much more expensive than the Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad – Queen and because it is able to be stretched – it can fit many mattresses regardless of their depth.

The second product that is similar to the Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad—Queen is the P&R Bedding Ultrasoft Microplush White Mattress Pad. Just as the other 2 products, it is sold in a variety of sizes. However, it is the most expensive off all 3 products.

It has end-to-end box stitching and is machine washable. The mattress pad weighs just about 7 pounds and can stretch to fit even deep mattresses.

When you look at the features of all 3 mattress pads, you will realize that they are indeed very similar. There is however, one very big difference. They are all priced differently.

Why would you purchase an overpriced product when there is another product with similar features that can function just as well or even much better? If you think that this is a very feasible question, it means that your choice should be clear by now.

The Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad—Queen is indeed a very good buy based on the features that it offers.


The Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad—Queen is a very good mattress pad. It has all the features you could possibly desire in a product of its type, plus it is very reasonably priced.

You will definitely receive very good value for your money and feel more than satisfied with your purchase even after years of use.

If you are looking for a mattress pad for your queen-sized bed, you should check out the [easyazon_link identifier=”B000VESM46″ locale=”US” tag=”mymattresspads-20″]Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad—Queen[/easyazon_link].

Remember that it can also double as a mattress topper based on its design, and leave you with very restful nights and comfortable sleep.

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