5 Best Pack and Play Mattress Pads 2022

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Your baby needs space to play even when you put him to bed. The mattress pad that you use ought to be comfortable and amazing in quality. Kids utilize their mattress pads for both purposes, to sleep and to play so you should be a little careful while choosing one. Here I have three of the best pack and play mattress pads that you may purchase.

These reviews will help you out and make the task of selection easy for you. Read the following reviews and then choose the product that you think is the best. Observe this:

In a hurry? The top rated Pack N Play Mattress Cover after 25 hrs of research

  • Designed specifically for a Pack N Play & Mini Crib mattress
  • Very absorbent
  • Machine washable
  • Ultra soft, quiet, cozy & comfortable

The Best Pack and Play Mattress Pads – Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Our Top 5 Picks

This is the first one on my list of the best pack and play mattress pads. It is produced in the United States of America. It is manufactured using all the highest quality products, and this is the reason it has been reviewed with five stars throughout. The color of this mattress pad is ivory. It is light but is easy to maintain. Due to the cotton material used in the making of this mattress pad, it is very durable as compared to all others of its type. Read More...

The next product that I would like to suggest you for your baby is this amazing mattress pad by the Dream on Me Company. It is produced with the finest technology, and the construction of this product looks more pricey than it actually is. It is made up in the United States of America. A mixture of both vinyl and foam is used in the making of this mattress pad. In the production of this item, 10% vinyl is used, and the rest 90% is foam. Read More...

This item is the best-selling one on Amazon. It is great both in quality and features. This pack and play mattress pad are all you need for your child, and it will improve the quality of rest of your child. The lining of this mattress pad is water resistant. It will protect your mattress by all means. There is no chance of this mattress pad to shrink. You can wash this mattress pad in the washing machine easily in the case of stains or any other thing. Read More...

This next product is one of the most recommended must-have baby gear products. The smart Playard mattress topper is designed to protect your baby from the harsh surface level abrasions, and to be extraordinarily comfortable for the baby. Read More...


  • Light and ultraportable design.
  • Easily wipeable and washable.
  • Compatible with most of the playards.
  • It's free of flame retardants and other toxic chemicals.


  • Some customers claim that it's a little pricier than they would expect
  • It may not fit perfectly well into some other brands
  • Some claim the initial smell is horrendous.

The last product reviewed is the Milliard mattress topper, that is made out of memory foam and is designed to serve as a topper to the basic mattress that the Pack ‘n Play ships with. Read More...

I hope this article will help. Happy shopping!

Buying Guide – How To Find The Perfect Pack N’ Play Mattress Pad

Modern Pack N’ Plays come with locking wheels so that the baby can enjoy a change in location once in a while. They also feature changing stations that make changing diapers more convenient.

But the lack of comfortable padding detracts from the solid features of most Pack N’ Plays.

Getting a comfortable mattress pad will not only help your child fall asleep faster, but it will also increase the life of the Pack N’ Play since it acts as a barrier between the baby and the playpen.

However, not all mattress pads are the same – which is why you must learn about the different facets of Pack N’ Play mattress pads and then compare your options. Doing this will enable you to find the right pad for your baby in no time.

Size And Fit

Different Pack N’ Plays have different dimensions, and getting a mattress pad too small or too big poses a risk of harm to your baby. An ill-fitting mattress pad may leave spaces in the Pack N’ Play for the baby’s tiny arms or feet to get stuck in.

It is crucial that you get the right size mattress pad for the Pack N’ Play. The most common Pack N’ Play dimensions are:

  • 27 inches x 39 inches
  • 37.5 inches x 25.5 inches
  • 37.5 inches x 37.5 inches
  • Six-sided Pack N’ Play (48 inches wide)

Before you purchase any mattress pad, ensure that it will fit the Pack N’ Play correctly.

Also, ensure that the mattress pad is between three and four inches thick. Getting a moderately thick mattress pad will keep your baby both safe and comfortable.


Getting a mattress pad made from the right material is just as critical as finding one that fits right.

The material makes all the difference in the experience your baby has. Here are some of the most popular Pack N’ Play material types:

Memory Foam

Memory foam is an exceptionally cushioned, warm material that conforms to weight. It provides contouring support, which makes memory foam mattress pads luxuriously comfortable. Also, since it retains just the right amount of heat, it is perfect for your baby to cozy up in.

One downside of getting a memory foam mattress pad is that it may restrict the movement of the baby since the pad sinks in a bit. Another issue with memory foam mattress pads is that they let off a bad odor when they first arrive. Airing them out, or, better yet, washing them will help you get rid of the smell.

Additionally, you cannot fold memory foam pads if you need to travel, which is another significant disadvantage.

Overall, though, the comfort these pads provide is well worth the slightly high price.

Before you get a memory foam mattress, make sure that it isn’t too soft, since super soft mattresses increase the risk of SIDS.

Firm Foam

A firm foam mattress pad, unlike a memory foam mattress pad, has a solid base and does not conform to weight. Although these mattress pads have less cushioning support than memory foam mattress pads, they’re still comfortable enough for your baby to sleep on.

However, they’re not ideal to play on, since the cushioning isn’t enough to protect babies if they accidentally topple over.

Firm foam mattress pads are slightly cheaper than memory foam mattress pads, but since most memory foam pads are relatively inexpensive too, using a firm foam pad as a spare pad is a great idea.


At face value, a quilted or dual-sided mattress pad will look like a firm comforter stitched onto some board backing. However, these pads comprise of both memory foam and firm foam, giving your baby the best of both worlds.

On one side, it supplies firm, yet cozy support that is perfect for your baby to sleep on. On the other side, it provides cushioned comfort, which is ideal for playtime.

Although quilted mattress pads offer a lot of benefits, the curves and creases of the quilting can sometimes make the padding seem uncomfortable.


Organic mattress pads can be an excellent choice for parents that want to keep their baby safe from chemicals and harmful toxins.

Contemporary organic mattress pads either use chemical-free cotton blended with polyester – which not only makes the pad comfortable, but it also makes it waterproof.

One of the most significant advantages of getting a cotton mattress pad for your baby is that cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, and will protect both you and the baby from having an allergic reaction.

You can also find organic accessories on the market, like waterproof mattress pad protectors made from bamboo, that can help you supplement a mattress pad you may have already bought.

What To Look For In A Pack N’ Play Mattress Pad


Getting a mattress pad with a warranty is absolutely crucial for both new and experienced parents. Accidentally getting a defective piece, or having the pad somehow start leaking on the first day can be super frustrating.

A warranty will ensure that you get your hands on a replacement as quickly as possible. Most companies have a 30-day return policy, but you must always check with the company to make sure you don’t face issues at the last minute.


Different brands have different approaches to waterproofing. Some don’t use a waterproof layer at all, whereas others provide a waterproof cover.

Some brands also append a waterproof layer to the mattress pad. The layer is either on the top, in the middle, or on the bottom of the pad. The idea with the top layer is never to allow liquids to reach the bottom layer and have it roll off the surface of the mattress pad.

On the other hand, middle and bottom waterproof layers work to spread the liquid out, which causes the rest of the non-waterproof material to absorb it. Although not technically, but mattress pads are effectively waterproof in this way.


Maintaining proper hygiene is critical to the baby’s good health – especially in the early years.

Getting a machine-washable mattress pad will help you minimize clean up time since there will be one less thing for you to clean by hand.

Purchasing two mattress pads will ensure that you always have a pad ready for the baby. When one pad is soiled or dirty, you can throw it in the washing machine and use the other one.

Cycling between mattress pads is an excellent way of doing both – timing chores and maintaining hygiene.


Getting a foldable mattress will make it easier to carry around, which is not just helpful if you're traveling, but can be very handy at home as well.

Folding mattress pads are generally more expensive, but if you have a big house, or are planning to travel with your baby, these are worth the money.


Some mattress pads come with a plastic cover, which makes crinkling sounds when the baby tosses and turns. These sounds may wake the baby up.

Only purchase mattress pads that are noiseless and do not have a plastic coating.


Since a pad will get soiled and dirty very, very often, getting a durable mattress pad is essential.

The pad must be able to handle wear from daily use, and wear from washing in the washing machine, hundreds of times.

Looking at the density (not thickness) of the pad should help you gauge the durability of the pad.

So far, we’ve discussed features that will help you parent better. Now, let us look at some features that directly affect the baby’s experience.


The material used determines the softness of a given mattress pad. Looking at the list of materials and their properties above should help you find the right material.

In general, though, memory foam pads are considered to be the most comfortable. Cotton pads take the second spot, quilted pads are the third most comfortable, and since firm foam intrinsically has less cushioning, it takes the last place.

Keep in mind that softness is not the ultimate determiner of material. Your budget, the use case (sleep/playtime), and the intensity of use (if you have more than one kid) must also be considered when purchasing a mattress pad.

Anti-allergic properties (Certifications)

Certifications like CertiPUR-US, GREENGUARD, and GOTS ensure that the mattress pad is free from any chemicals or toxic material that may harm your baby.

A certified mattress pad is rigorously tested, and a certification verifies that the mattress pad is made from dense, high-quality material. Therefore, certified mattress pads are typically more durable than uncertified ones.

Certified mattress pads have anti-allergic properties, and keep the baby safe from dust mites.

They also resist the growth of mold and mildew, keeping the baby safe from bacteria and other microbes.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Any Pack N’ Play Mattress Pad

  • Some mattress pads aren’t fully waterproof, and liquids may permeate through the surface. Before using it, always test it out with some water to make sure it holds water effectively or at least resists it.
  • Mattress pads sometimes get stuck in the bassinet – even if you get the correct size. You must carefully remove the pad and be patient with it since you want to avoid unnecessary damage to the pad.
  • Mattress pads can shrink or even melt in the dryer. Before you wash or dry the pad, make sure you read the instructions carefully. Mattress pads typically support gentle tumble-drying; however, if you’re not sure about it, you can always air dry the pad.
  • All pads lose their form and firmness slowly over time. Most mattress pads last for well over two years, but your mileage may vary.

Parenting is difficult – especially in the early years.

Finding the right mattress pad for the Pack N’ Play will not only keep the baby comfortable, but it will also help maintain proper hygiene. Mattress pads also help in cutting down clean-up time, which will help extend what little time you get for yourself.

With this guide handy, you’ll be able to find the perfect Pack N’ Play mattress pad in no time. All you have to do is keep track of your preferences and tally them with the products available.

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