6 Best Mini Crib Mattress Pads 2020

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At the end of each day, we can’t wait to go to our soft, cozy, and comfortable beds to get our beauty sleep. As much as parents value their own sleep, they want their babies to get the best good night’s rest possible since it will make babies happy and healthy as they grow.

Once you welcome a baby in your family, you should be prepared for your life to get a whole lot messier. Even though babies are incredibly sweet, there is a tendency for all different kinds of fluids from your baby to end up in places you never imagined. And, you don’t want these fluids to end up on your child’s mattress. So, if you’re interested in ensuring that your baby sleeps well and feels dry and clean throughout the night, you should definitely consider getting a crib mattress cover.

Mattress pads, especially the waterproof ones, are made to protect your baby’s crib mattress so you could use it for a long period of time or for subsequent children as well. And, even if you do own a waterproof crib mattress, there are some other benefits to owning a crib mattress topper. For example, it can make your baby’s bed cushy and comfortable without having to use any additional pillows and blankets which can sometimes present a safety hazard.

There are three types of mini crib mattress covers available:

  • Fitted mattress pads that wrap around the mattress just like a fitted sheet.
  • Flat mattress covers that have corner straps which attach the product to the mattress.
  • Small mattress toppers that cover only a certain portion of the mattress.

The greatest distinction between these different types of mattress pads is that the lie-flat pads might sometimes shift under the sheet. However, fitted mattress toppers ensure a snug fit and won’t come loose. But, they are a bit more difficult to pull off unlike the lie-flat covers. Keep in mind that you should place a fitted sheet over every mattress topper to protect your baby’s health even more.

In addition, crib mattress covers can also be regular or waterproof. Whichever product you choose in the end, make sure to get two of them. You know what babies are like… having a backup is always a smart thing.

Are you interested in providing your baby with the most comfortable sleeping experience? Then, make sure to check out one of the best mini crib mattress pads currently available on Amazon.

In a hurry? The top rated Crib Mattress Pads after 25 hrs of research

  • Extremely soft.
  • Extra comfort.
  • Breathable and Durable.
  • Waterproof, machine washable and dryable.

    Best Mini Crib Mattress Pads, FAQs and Buying Guide

    Our Top 6 Picks

    The reason why this mattress protector pad is on the top of our list is because of its quality, safety standards, and affordable price. Even if you’re on a budget, you’ll be able to buy this mini crib mattress pad cover as well as an additional one that can be used for backup. When it comes to the quality of the product, what many parents love about it is the fact that it is extremely soft. Read More...


    • Soft
    • Breathable
    • Durable
    • Machine washable and dryable.
    • Waterproof
    • The mattress cover features deep pockets with elastic trim.


    • Some users said that the cover may shrink in the dryer.

    Little One’s Pad Pack N Play Crib Mattress Cover is one of the most affordable yet premium-quality mattress pads available on the market. The product is made of high-quality materials which make the cover very soft, comfortable, and durable. The manufacturer uses strong and reinforced threads, protected waterproof lining, and top-notch fibers so that you could provide your baby with the most comfortable sleeping experience. Read More...


    • High-quality materials
    • The cover very soft, comfortable, and durable.
    • Top-notch fibers.
    • It won’t make any crinkling sounds.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Machine Washable.
    • Lifetime guarantee.


    • Some people say that it get ruined after being washed.

    This product has it all good features – it is soft, comfortable, breathable, and it is made of microfiber. The Pack N Play Waterproof Mini Crib Mattress Pad provides the perfect combination of cushioned comfort and complete waterproof protection to ensure a healthier and better night's sleep. Read More...


    • Anti-microbial and Hypoallergenic
    • Heat neutral
    • Dust-mite resistant and very durable
    • Lifetime Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


    • Some users said that it shrinked after dryed.

    This product that we have reviewed is the Organic Cotton Waterproof Portable Mini Baby Crib Mattress Cover. It is amazing! This waterproof mini crib mattress pad is made with all-natural cotton terry to protect your baby’s health and keep him or her sleeping safe and sound through the night. Read More...


    • 100% natural, suitable for all with no harmful effects
    • Anti-microbial and Hypoallergenic
    • Machine Washable
    • Dust-mite resistant and very durable
    • 10-year quality guarantee


    • The top layer is made of organic cotton, not the rest of them.

    This mattress pad has breathable, soft 100% cotton terry on the top cover. It naturally absorbs liquids and moisture, while regulating the temperature of your baby's sleep surface, making it ideal for if your baby tends to sweat while sleeping. Read More...


    • 100% natural, suitable for all with no harmful effects
    • Anti-microbial and Hypoallergenic
    • Heat neutral
    • Dust-mite resistant and very durable
    • 10-year quality guarantee


    • Lesser thickness of toppers (1 inch) may not provide desired support and might seem softer than envisaged.

    Last but not the least; this is again a remarkable item. The cover of this mattress pad is manufactured by pure tencel fabric.This mattress pad is produced free of all the harmful substances. It is a perfect mattress pad for the crib of your baby; it will keep the baby safe and is great for his or her sensitive skin. Read More...

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Mattress Pads Safe for Newborns?

    Many people worry that crib mattress covers might not be safe for newborns. The truth is that they are relatively safe but you have to use them properly.

    What you need to do is make sure that the cover fits the mattress firmly. If the cover doesn’t have any straps that can be used to attach it to the mattress, then the fitted sheet should be used to prevent it from moving around. This is incredibly important, especially if your baby is a newborn. You don’t want the pad to move around when your baby does, especially if the baby tends to roll over in sleep. If you notice that a mattress pad might cause any issues for your newborn, make sure to remove it from the crib immediately.

    Do You Need a Mattress Protector for Your Baby?

    This is a good question! Every product has its pros and cons. So, here are all the reasons why you should consider buying a mini crib mattress pad for your baby.

    First of all, the mattress pad will improve your baby’s hygiene. We all know that, even though diapers are meant to prevent the pee and poop from leaking, some if it will get on your baby’s bedding. Of course, this is far from ideal when it comes to sanitary conditions. Anything that leaks out of your baby’s diaper will soak into the mattress and pose an infection risk. Also, once moisture gets inside a mattress, mold or mildew can appear in a matter of weeks. Of course, you don’t want your baby to sleep on this. A mattress pad will protect the mattress from any moisture. In addition, cleaning the pad is much easier than cleaning the mattress.

    When compared to the cost of the crib and the mattress, the covers are quite affordable and they will ensure that you don’t have to buy a new mattress just because your old one got soiled. So, you can consider a mattress cover as an investment that will definitely prolong the life of the mattress and pay off in the long run.

    Last but not least, crib mattress covers aren’t made only to protect the crib. They are also used to create an additional soft layer on top of the mattress and provide your baby with extra comfort while they are sleeping peacefully.

    The Best Materials for Mini Crib Mattress Pads

    Not all crib mattress pads are created equal. There are so many different products available on the market and most of them vary based on their quality. To make sure that you buy a premium-quality topper for your baby’s crib, pay attention to what the topper is made of. It is recommended to buy an organic pad or the one with the organic top layer is a good idea. All crib mattress covers should be breathable, hypoallergenic, soft, and non-toxic.

    When it comes to organic mattress covers, you should keep in mind that these products aren’t entirely waterproof because the “waterproof layer” cannot be made in an organic way. Instead, you’ll have to be satisfied with a water-resistant product. Many pediatricians recommend buying organic products for babies because they are entirely free from toxins or harmful chemicals. However, these items also tend to be a bit pricey.

    On the other hand, if you’re on a budget or you want a completely waterproof crib mattress pad, you should go for a non-organic product. If you’re worried that these mattress covers might expose your baby to toxins, then make sure that you get the one that has a GREENGUARD certification. The GREENGUARD certification means that the product releases extremely low levels of toxins, ensuring that your baby sleeps in a healthy environment.

    After reading about the best mini crib mattress pads available on the market and the frequently asked questions, you should be one step closer to making your final decision. If you can’t afford to buy an organic mattress cover, don’t worry. There are other great and safe options available on the market which can provide a healthy sleeping environment for your baby. Also, don’t forget that it is worth purchasing a spare topper! This will allow you to take as much time as you need to wash the topper because the other one will be ready for use whenever you need it. And, when it comes to washing and drying crib mattress covers make sure that you select a cool cycle or a cool tumble drying setting.

    Buying Guide – How to Shop for a Mini Crib Mattress Topper

    As gentles as babies are, so should be their beds to sleep on. Gentle care is the most necessary thing a new-born baby requires. A peaceful night's sleep can do wonders for a baby's mood throughout the day.

    And we do not want to get them cranky, do we?

    A mini crib will solve all the problems of a new parent struggling to cope up with the baby's unsaid whims. They are super comfortable and keeps your baby safe for a cozy and warm feeling throughout.

    For the first couple of months, a baby sleeps 13-14 hours about a day, and therefore making it comfortable should be the topmost priority. A soft and firm mattress is what your baby needs. They come in various shapes, styles to choose from.

    There are various things you must consider before buying a mini crib mattress. An essential factor you must check is if the mattress is waterproof so that your baby without any disruption or wetness on the bed.

    Secondly, you must notice that the material used is soft and does not cause rashes on the delicate skin of your child. The best is to choose cotton and wool mattress for your baby's sensitive skin.

    It can be difficult for a new parent to understand and invest in the right mini crib mattress, which will be both soft and comfortable and sturdy to maintain the proper shape of the body of your child.

    So, we have curated a list of points or details that you should look for when buying a mini crib mattress for your little one.

    A superior quality mini crib mattress must have the following features:

    • It must be incredibly soft.
    • It must be waterproof.
    • Well-ventilated.
    • Durable.
    • Skin-friendly material.
    • It must be free from any chemicals.
    • It must perfectly balance the body heat.

    The mini crib mattress pads are also available with covers to protect them from physical damage, spills, or stains, which is extremely common when it comes to babies.

    • Fitted mattress pads cover to wrap the entire mattress.
    • Flat mattress pads cover to wrap the corner straps.
    • Small mattress pads cover to wrap a few portions.

    Material of Crib Mattresses

    The main thing we look for is the material used in the mattress. There are three types of crib mattresses based on the materials used. We have also added the pros and cons of each to make it easier for you to pick the best-suited one.

    #1 Foam Crib Mattress

    • Lightweight.
    • Cheap.
    • Easily foldable.
    • Available in various sizes.
    • Not for long term use.
    • Less durable.

    #2 Coil Spring Crib Mattress

    • Hard and sturdy.
    • Can be used for a long time.
    • Very bulky.

    #3 Organic Crib Mattress

    • Free from chemicals.
    • Very durable.
    • Breathable.
    • Does not cause rashes.
    • Not easily available.

    Benefits Of Using A Crib Mattress

    Mini crib mattress pads are affordable, and they act as an extra layer of protection. Before discussing the buying guide to get the best mattress for your baby, let us first consider the benefits of using the mini crib mattress pads. Let's get started.

    Mini Crib Mattresses Have Waterproof Covers

    Waterproof mattresses are best for babies as spills and stains are healthy for kids. The waterproof cover acts as an extra layer and does not allow the spills or liquid to
    reach the lower tiers.

    Besides, any kind of liquid, if they are not washed properly, it can seed deep into the mattress and can allow the growth of bacteria that might irritate your baby.

    Moreover, the liquids can also reduce the durability of your mattress. However, it is necessary to clean and sanitize the spill or stain spots with diluting cleaning agents to protect the baby from rashes.

    Can easily be cleaned or washed

    The best thing is to know the method to deal with those unexpected pee moments is that mattress pads can easily be cleaned. However, you must pay extra attention to the solution with which you are cleaning. It must be well diluted with water to prevent the chemicals from coming in contact with your baby's skin.

    Dabbing the mattresses to clean the spill spot is enough to save the drying time. Some mattresses are machine washable and can be dried quickly. All you need to do is to open the cover and put it in the washing machine.

    Protects against allergens and bugs

    Mini crib mattress pads ensure that the handling of the mattress is much more comfortable, thereby damage is prevented and keeps the mattress free of dust and mites. The cover also prevents the deposition of dust on the final bed.

    A baby's skin is most sensitive and is still in the process of developing its immune system. A discomforted baby might not sleep well and can irritate all day long. Since crib mattress pads are easier to clean than the actual mattress, it will keep the bed clean from any bugs or mites to develop over your mattress. Therefore a hypoallergenic mattress pad is a must.

    What To Look For In A Crib Mattress Pad

    After discussing the benefits of using a Mini Crib Mattress Pad, let us now discuss the various factors that you must consider before buying a mattress pad for your baby.

    Size of the crib

    Before buying the mattress, you have to determine the size of your baby's crib. There is generally no regulation for the mini crib mattress. However, the standard size is 24 inches wide and 38 inches long. 

    Buying a mattress pad for the mini crib is a bit difficult as some mini cribs are narrower than the other. You must double-check the size before purchasing the mattress. Crib mattresses are available in different sizes and depths. You can use your tape for measuring the exact size of the mini crib before buying the mattress.


    Material is an essential criterion to be considered before purchasing the mattress as you cannot compromise anything with your baby's gentle skin. Moreover, you must opt for Greenguard certified mattresses as they are low in toxins.

    If you want organic material, then you cannot have a waterproof surface as a natural material cannot be made 100% waterproof. If you want waterproof material, you can opt for non-organic material but with a genuine certification. Besides this, the material must be soft on your baby's skin.


    The third important factor to be considered is that every crib mattresses must be firm. However, firm does not mean hard. Firmness gives a cozier and a bouncier effect to the mattress. A firmer mattress can prevent your baby's head from sinking. Soft mattresses can cause suffocation to your baby and increase health risk. Thus, firmer mattresses are better for babies.

    To check the firmness of a mattress, push it down, and see if the mattress springs back as soon as you remove your hand. Doing this, you can purchase the mattress according to your preference that your baby needs.


    Lastly, breathability is an essential factor to be considered as a non-breathable material that can take a toll on your baby's health. The mattress must allow sufficient air circulation and a perfect balance of temperature to prevent your little one from itching and irritation.

    Mini Crib Mattress toppers are made up of various materials. Each material type has different benefits. You must understand the requirement and sleeping pattern of your baby before you get on to buying one.

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