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Being in bed for long hours, even when in perfect health is tiring, and it gets worse when one is bedridden or in pain. Thus, it’s important to make the beds as comfortable as possible so as not to cause more discomfort to the already uncomfortable patients. One sure way to go about it is getting mattress pads for hospital beds because they are designed explicitly for bedridden individuals and thus more comfortable.  And, such pads/mattress toppers are also designed to prevent some health risks that could result from being in bed for a long time.

Firm mattresses might feel okay to lie on for a few minutes/hours, but they definitely become uncomfortable when you lie on them for many hours each day. In this article, we are going to look at the various mattress pads to make that firm mattress softer and more comfortable. We are also going to look at the various ways to deal with back pain, pressure sores, and ulcers.

Health risk of a bedridden patient

Now, chances are that you’re looking this up, “health risks of a bedridden patient” because one of your loved ones is being bedridden and you’d like to understand what they are going through and offer some help.

First, it takes time to adjust to being bedridden and relying on other people to do for you most of what you used to do on your own.  Again, with time, some health risks might arise, and it’s good that as a family caregiver you be aware of any such risks to offer the needed solutions on time. They include:

Pulmonary congestion or Atelectasis

Most people don’t know this but being bedridden increases the risk of atelectasis. The patients’ muscles do not work as required to remove the excess fluid and this leads to fluid buildup in their lungs, and when left unchecked it leads to collapsing of lung tissue (atelectasis).

Back pain

This is another common health risk of a bedridden patient, and it’s as a result of remaining in the same position for too long hence putting too much pressure on their spinal column. To prevent this, rotate the patient regularly to prevent permanent spinal damage.


It takes time to adjust to being bedridden and needing someone to take care of you all the time. This takes a toll on most patients, and they end up being depressed. To prevent this, caregivers should be friendly to their patients and continuously remind them that they are not a bother. Also, help them meet most of their social and emotional needs along with the physical needs.

Sleep problems

You need to be in a comfortable position to have a good sleep. However, due to their limited mobility, most bedridden individuals find it hard to sleep properly because they are uncomfortable most of the time, but you can help by making sure that their bed is comfortable and rotating them from time to time.

Pressure ulcers

This is the most common health risk of a bedridden patient. Being bedridden means that you have minimal mobility and you will rely on a caregiver to help you turn/rotate from one position to the other. The risk comes in when the caregiver is not around all the time or if the patient cannot communicate to let you know that they need to rotate. This leads to low blood supply to some parts of their body which leads to the flesh dying and eventually forming sores. The worst part is if they are not noticed early enough and taken care of, the sores grow deeper and can get infected leading to more complications. To prevent this, always make sure that you are rotating your patient as often as possible.

Other ways of preventing pressure sores/ulcers include:

  • Dressing the patients with cotton clothes and using cotton underlay on their beds as cotton absorbs sweat better and it’s also breathable
  • Use soft and non-plastic bedding to ensure that no trapped moisture
  • Utilize moisture absorbent sheets
  • Encourage the patients to spend some time out of bed
  • Engage them on regular motion exercise while encouraging active body movements

Other health risks to look out for include loss of appetite, constipation, UTI, stiffness, deformity, and contractures.

We understand the process is not only hard for your bedridden loved one but for you too and this is why in the next part of our article, we are going to look at the various products that will help in case he/she will be staying in bed either for short or long period. We wish you and your loved one the best.

Mattress Toppers for Hospital beds

When carefully selected, mattress toppers for hospital beds not only add more comfort for bedridden patients, but they also help greatly in preventing pressure sores. To get the best results, you first need to know the best type for your patient since each type works best for specific situations.

Factors to consider when buying a mattress topper for a hospital bed:

Type of material

The material should not make one hot or sweaty. Also, check how well the plastic cover is installed.

The size

The mattress topper should not be too big/thick because it might make the bed higher thus making it hard to get in and out of bed. Too thick toppers also have a deeper sink, and one might feel “trapped” along with sleeping hot.

Stable transfer surface

Some mattress toppers have unstable transfer surfaces, and they should be avoided.

With that said, now let’s look at what the market has to offer in terms of mattress toppers for hospital beds. They are available in various types, thickness, prices, etc. So you’re not restricted to just one topper.

Pressure Relieving Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam mattress toppers are well known for their ability to provide a comfortable sleeping surface and improving one’s quality of sleep. With better sleep, everyone wakes up rejuvenated, and it’s even better for the bedridden because it helps reduce or prevent some of the health risks we mentioned above. So, if you need a softer mattress, getting a pressure relieving foam mattress topper for hospital beds might give a perfect solution.

TempurPedic TEMPUR Supreme 3 inch Premium Foam Mattress Topper Pressure Relieving

If you are looking for an affordable but still high-quality pressure relieving foam mattress topper, then look no further. The Tempur material in this mattress topper conforms to the sleeper’s body for a comfortable sleep. It offers personalized support and comfort by responding to the body’s shape, weight, and temperature. It is also 3-inches thick thus more comfortable and durable than most other options.

Another thing to love about this mattress topper is its removable and machine washable cover. It is also allergen-resistant, meaning it is safe to be used by just anyone, and it’s also very breathable to keep the sleeper all cool by preventing sweat and heat buildup. It’s a good topper, not only for bedridden patients but for anyone looking for ways to improve their firm mattresses for a more comfortable sleep.


    • 1Firm and conforms to your body for better support and comfort
    • 2Comes with a removable and machine washable cover
    • 3Very affordable
    • 4Perfect for relieving back, neck, hip, etc. pain
    • 5Has a breathable cover so you won’t sleep hot
  • 6Can be used on an adjustable mattress


  • 1Has a milled odor when new but it’s not toxic or irritating, and it fades away quickly once unboxed

You can enhance the comfort of your mattress with a mattress pad. This item may be overlooked, but it is one of the most important items when it comes to bedding. It will not just provide you more cushioning but will make you sleep more comfortably than before.

Additionally, the mattress pad will make the bed sheets stay and not slide out. Today we will review three of the best egg shell mattress pads. Eggshell mattress pads are mostly used in hospitals as it brings relief to patients. Read the following reviews and choose the one you like. Have a look:

Gel and Foam Mattress Toppers

100% foam mattress toppers sleep hot depending on the environment or the sleeper’s body temperature because they act as insulators. Now, if you live in a hot environment or if your body temperatures are high most of the time and you don’t like sleeping hot, you might wanta different option, and gel memory foam toppers make a perfect alternative. The patented technology in gel and foam mattress toppers helps pull the heat away from the sleepers’ body thus leaving a cooling sensation and perfect temperature for sleeping. Along with sleeping cool, these toppers are also great for pressure relief, they maintain their original shape for a long time, have no harmful fillers, and are environment-friendly.

Lucid 4-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Lucid 4-inches thick gel memory foam mattress topper is perfectly designed to add that comfort layer on your firm mattress and make your stay in bed much more comfortable. It sleeps cool, which makes it a great choice when looking for a mattress pad for hospital beds and it’s very breathable thanks to the ventilated design. Again, the memory foam helps it conform to your curves while also distributing the weight evenly thus alleviating the pressure points. It’s a great topper to add on your mattress if you have back pains too because the contouring memory foam helps align your spine. Also, being 4 inches thick means that you will get a customizable feel as it gives you a deeper sink hence cradling your body better.


    • 1Thick (4-inches)
    • 2Very breathable design
    • 3Contours to your body for better pressure points alleviation
  • 4Sleeps cool


    • 1It’s 4 inches thick, which might be too thick for some people’s liking, but generally, the majority of people love the thickness
  • 2Also has a mild odor that dissipates almost immediately after setting it up

Lucid 2-inch Gel infused memory foam mattress topper

The only difference between this Lucid 2-inches thick gel memory foam mattress topper and the 4-inch above is just the thickness as the numbers suggest. As noted in the above product review, some people may find the 4 inches to be too thick to their liking, and it might still retain some heat despite the breathable design. It still adds the needed comfort on your mattress, and it’s also perfect for pressure relieving, despite it being thinner. Again, it is very airy and thus does not trap any heat from your body, which makes a better choice for people who like sleeping cool or who spend long hours in bed. The memory foam contours on your body to align your spine and offer a comfortable sleeping surface, and this makes it great for people with back, neck, or hip pain problems. It doesn’t allow you to sink too deep, just enough for a comfortable sleep.


    • 1Very durable quality
    • 2Comfortable with great support
    • 3Sleeps cool
  • 4Easy to set up and fits perfectly on the bed


  • 1Has a faint odor, from the foam material, but it dissipates quickly once the mattress is set up

Egg Crate Mattress Topper

When looking for an affordable but still good solution to soften your firm mattress or help with pressure relief, egg crate mattress toppers come at the top of the list. They are very affordable, and they still offer the needed support and comfort. They are also better at allowing airflow and thus sleep cool, and on this note, they do better than memory foam toppers. However, compared to memory foam mattresses, when it comes to relieving pressure and pain, their dips and bumps contour to your body for a comfortable sleep for some time, but because they are pliable and thin, they break down creating a permanent indentation thus reducing their effectiveness on relieving pressure.

Milliard 2 inch Egg Crate Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

For just a fraction of what you will be paying for any other type of memory foam mattress topper, you can get the Milliard 2-inch egg crate memory foam topper. And, it’s not only affordable but also offers the same comfort and support as you’d get from the expensive options. It contours perfectly to your curves for personalized support and comfort and will help relieve pressure points, muscle pain, and joint pain. Again, thanks to the ventilation channels and use of Open cell technology in this topper, it is very breathable to regulate the sleeping temperature for a cool, sound sleep. Even those who are bedridden will benefit immensely with this topper. It offers long-lasting comfort as it’s constructed with thick, high-quality foam.


    • 1Uses the open cell technology to allow airflow and thus less heat retention
    • 2Offers great support and comfort by contouring to your body
    • 3Very affordable
  • 4Easy to cut to the needed size


    • 1It has a smell when immediately set up, but it won’t be noticeable after a day or two
  • 2It doesn’t maintain its shape as good as other memory foam mattress toppers do

Linenspa 3-inch Convoluted Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Egg Crate design)

The common thing about all foam mattress toppers is that they retain heat. However, this Linespa 3-inch topper features a convoluted design that helps provide maximum airflow to lower the sleeping temperatures. It is also infused with gel thus helping you sleep cooler. Again, it contours to your curves as you sleep to relieve pressure points for a comfortable sleep. And, since it’s 3 inches thick, it allows a deeper sink thus cradling your body more for a better feel. The general quality is great, and you will use it for years without a need to replace it, and it’s also very affordable. Again, setting it up is super easy, and it will perfectly fit on your mattress without much hustle.


    • 1Doesn’t get hot thanks to the convoluted, egg crate design
    • 2Great quality, great feel
    • 3Fits perfectly on the mattress
  • 4Very affordable compared to other options


    • 1Has little smell when new but it fades with time
  • 2Thick, thus deeper sink, but this could be a plus for some

Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Most of us love all things natural, and when it comes to mattress toppers, a natural latex topper is the closest we can get to a natural mattress. Made from the organic rubber tree’s sap, natural latex mattress toppers do not have any chemicals or fillers so you won’t have to deal with the smells found in most new toppers. They also resist dust mites and microbes naturally. Also to note, natural latex toppers are very durable, and they are likely to outlive your mattress.

100% Natural Latex Mattress Toppers vs. Memory Foam Toppers

Natural latex lets you sleep cooler thanks to its open cell structure as it allows better airflow. On the other hand, memory foam toppers retain your body heat thus sleeping hot. Again, natural latex toppers will not give you that sinking feeling that’s common with most memory foam toppers. They do not “bottom out.” They are simply springy, resilient, and supportive. This makes it easy for you to move around or get up from your bed. However, with all this goodness comes a higher price tag than the egg crate and gel-infused memory foam toppers, but it’s totally worth it.

Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper – Soft 3”

If you need a mattress topper that will adjust to the climate to keep you cool in the scorching summer and warmer throughout the chilling months, look no further. The Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper features an open cell structure that enables it to stay cool naturally while also offering the needed support. It is made of 100% natural latex thus has no fillers or synthetic latex. You won’t need to keep it away for any smells to dissipate.

Most importantly, no sinking feeling with this topper as it maintains the contouring support no matter how long you sleep on it. It, therefore, provides perfect support and comfort. About durability, no doubt it’s the most durable mattress topper you will come along, and it might actually outlive your mattresses. It’s the one mattress topper that gives real value for your money.


    • 1Very durable
    • 2100% natural latex
    • 3Heat neutral
    • 4Provides perfect support and comfort
  • 5Doesn’t sink


  • 1It’s quite heavy, 40lbs. But this doesn’t affect its performance or your bed.


We know that there is no one specific mattress topper that will meet the sleeping needs of everyone and this is why our reviews are as diverse as they can be. We have looked at various types of toppers based on the construction materials, thickness, and price, among others. Some materials are more breathable hence sleeping cooler, and others are thicker meaning deeper sink which could result in heat retention and difficulties with moving around the bed or getting out of bed since you might feel “trapped.” Again, based on people’s preferences and sleeping positions, we have reviewed both soft and firm mattress toppers. When you look at the price, we have given you a good range to choose, the most affordable being the egg crate mattress topper design and the most costly being theTempurPedic TEMPUR Supreme 3 inch Premium Foam Mattress Topper Pressure Relieving

If you are looking for a mattress topper for hospital beds remember, go for a breathable,but still super comfortable and supportive option. This way, it can keep the user cool and also help with relieving pressure points to avoid soreness. Also, consider their sleeping positions to know whether you should go for a soft, medium, or firm option.

And, there are other ways to cool your bed down if you cannot afford a natural latex mattress topper. They include breathable sheets such as tencel and bamboo. They help reduce heat retention in your bed. You can also use breathable pillow and mattress protectors to get similar results.

Products that can alleviate pressure sores

Along with the mattress toppers for hospital beds, we are going to share other products that we came across during our research that you can use to alleviate pressure sores and help you avoid some of the health risks that come with being bedridden. We hope that the below products will make a difference for you.

Vive Alternating Pressure Mattress

If one is suffering from bed ulcers and soreness due to extended bedrest, the Vive Alternating Pressure Mattress will be of great help. For one, it relieves pressure points by distributing the sleeper’s weight evenly for added comfort and support. Thus, if one cannot move around on the bed by themselves, this mattress might be a good option. It also features 130 heat sealed air cells that also help with weight distribution and a variable pressure pump that provides constant airflow quietly for a restful sleep. And, it is waterproof meaning it will be easy to keep clean even when accidents happen and has a weight limit of up to 300lbs. to accommodate various patients.


    • 1Perfect for in-home hospital beds
    • 2Super easy install and use
    • 3Ultra-quiet and gentle pump for a restful sleep
    • 4It’s waterproof and very portable
    • 5Adjustable pressure from 1-5
  • 6Features 130 heat sealed air cells


  • 1The only way to keep it stable on other beds, those without sides like a hospital bed, is if you have a way of securing it to prevent sliding and there are no straps included. However, to prevent slippage when using it on a regular bed, you can fitted sheets and the fitted flaps on either side of the mattress for extra security. You can also place a slip-proof mat or cloth underneath.

Invacare Full Electric Bed w/Foam Mattress and Full Length Rails

This all-electric homecare bed works just like the hospital beds, and it comes with a mattress and full side rails. It’s very easy to assemble, and the only tool you need is a screwdriver and maybe some help from one more person for a quick set up. It’s also very sturdy and rolls effortlessly once you unlock the feet with a slight upward tap after which you can then easily lock them with just a downward tap.

And, adjusting the height is super easy which makes it easier for one to move their loved one with the bed pads easily. It also gets pretty low, which highly reduces falling risks and any injuries that could be as a result. And, if you want it even lower, you can just remove the legs. The side rails are totally unobtrusive and also easy to lower such that you can have your bedspread covering the rails during the day. Also, with the side rails. Getting in and out of bed becomes easier. Again, the included mattress is very comfortable and every part of it is super durable oval.


    • 1Has a fully electric aspect
    • 2Comes with full rails
    • 3Rolls easily
    • 4You can easily lock and unlock the feet with a slight tap upwards or downwards
    • 5It’s a hospital-type bed
  • 6Has a super quiet motor


    • 1The bed doesn’t come with assembling tools
  • 2Assembling it is not difficult, but you might an extra set of hands for a quick set up


Chances are that you’re looking these products up, best mattress pads for hospital beds and other products that can alleviate pressure sores, for yourself or a loved one who spends long hours in bed due to some illness. I totally understand this because I have taken care of loved ones who were in similar conditions and I wish I knew then what I know now. With the right products, both the caregiver and the care-receiver have an easy time and the sooner you get them the easier the journey becomes. We hope that you will find the right product to help with whatever condition and we wish you a quick recovery.


Medicare can pay part of the cost of an in-house hospital bed if the care receiver meets the set coverage guidelines, remember to check with the health care provider before purchasing. (Medicare Durable Medical Equipment (DME).

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