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Do you sometimes crave for a nice layer of fluff and softness over your mattress, without losing out on its steady firmness?

A Feather Mattress topper may just be the perfect addition to your bedroom this year. Breathable, lightweight, and oh-so-comfortable – these natural pieces of bedding are god-sent accessories to add to any bed.

This article explores the various benefits and know-hows of Feather Mattress Toppers, so you know exactly what to look out for while buying them.

In a hurry? The top rated Featherbed Mattress Topper after 25 hrs of research

  • Great durability
  • Ensures silence
  • Fresh and Breathable
  • Soft and Comfortable

What Is A Featherbed?

A featherbed is a type of bedding traditionally used on top of mattresses to help make them softer. They can be made either with feathers, down, or a combination of both materials. Such a bed should be frequently shaken out or fluffed, to keep the feathers evenly distributed.

Feather beds are fluffy enclosures filled with high-quality feathers. Feather beds are placed directly on top of your existing mattress, even a pillow-top mattress. Feather beds provide an extra layer of support for your body's pressure points - shoulders, hips, and back. This extra layer of support creates more comfort allowing your body to relax throughout the night.

The right feather bed can transform your ordinary sleeping experience into one that feels as if you're sleeping on a cloud.

Our Top 5 Picks

This pure down premium Feather bed has a polyester top layer which comprises of 75 per cent White Goose down, and an under layer that is filled with White Goose feather. With a comfortable baffle-box design construction that keeps the filling in place, it also reduces the need to re-fluffing and manual adjustment.  Read More...


  • Baffle box construction and double needle stitching to keep fill in place
  • Soft anti-fleece to prevent down feather from pricking out
  • Quilted construction for greater durability
  • Fixed belt with double layered handiwork and durable build
  • Includes a pure cotton shell for breathability and freshness
  • 75% White goose down to increase softness and comfort
  • Ensures silence for undisruptive sleep

This exceptionally beautiful King-sized bed has been made to every customer’s perfection all thanks to its 233 thread count that makes this a high-quality seamless product. The beauty of the Bluestone feather mattress topper is that it is made of 100% cotton, thereby making it extremely skin-friendly. Read More...


  • 100 per cent cotton cover with thread count of 233
  • 100 per cent duck feather fill for comfort
  • Generous mix of 95 per cent duck feathers and 5 per cent down
  • Highly luxurious construction and feel
  • Baffle box construction to maximize fluffiness and support

Soft, luxurious, and refreshing- the Pacific Coast Feather Luxe topper is the perfect addition to a firm and unsupportive mattress. Thoughtfully crafted from high-quality fabric, its superior construction, double needle sewn design and feather-proof top sheet guarantees relaxation and high durability. Constructed in a traditional European style, the Pacific Coast mattress topper comes complete with an additional soft quilted layer for increased comfort. Read More...


  • Well-constructed with high-quality materials
  • Incorporates double needle sewn design
  • Additional soft quilted layer for enhanced comfort
  • Made from ecologically-friendly materials
  • Designed to be anti-allergenic
  • Top sheet has a 100% cotton barrier weave
  • Optimal support to pressure points

This premium hotel quality Feather topper has dimensions of 60 inches x 80 inches with a 5-inch side gusset, and is perfect for your Queen-sized bed. It comprises of a true baffled design construction to eliminate shifting of fill. The Millsave mattress topper is designed to be used under a fitted sheet and provide a soft, pillow-like feel to the mattress. Read More...


  • Hotel-quality design and quality materials
  • Rich and premium comfort
  • Outer shell with a thread-count of 233
  • High fill power for maximum loft and softness
  • Vacuum packed to ensure cleanliness and hygiene
  • Baffle box construction to reduce maintenance and re-fluffing

The Blue Ridge Home Fashions feather bed has a 100% cotton cover that has been designed to perfection. The featherbed is of an imported make that is ideal for highly comfortable sleep patterns. Its pure cotton bedding cover with ruffled corners and a highly breathable fabric induces a good night’s sleep with little to no disturbance. With its thread count of 233, and pillow-top filled the ergonomic white duck down is comfort at its best. Read More...


  • Highly breathable 100 per cent cotton cover with 233 Thread count
  • Incredible softness, support and cushioning
  • Features a generous mix of duck down and waterfowl feathers
  • Baffle box construction with piped seams
  • Dual layer design for great support and relaxation

Buying Guide – Shopping for the Best Featherbed Mattress Toppers

The term ‘topper’ refers to an individual cushioning layer that can be added to a mattress for extra comfort, softness, and — in some cases — improved support. Depending on their design, toppers may be tucked beneath top sheets or rest freely on the comfort layer of the mattress. Toppers are available in corresponding sizes for all standard mattress dimensions; toppers are slightly smaller, which allows them to fit more easily beneath sheets without clumping.

Feather toppers, or ‘featherbeds,’ are typically made from the plumage of ducks or geese. Most featherbeds are filled with coarser, exterior feathers. However, some models may contain a combination of outer feathers and softer, underside plumage known as ‘down.’ Down can be measured using ‘fill power,’ which refers to how soft it feels and how effectively it insulates.

The feathers/down in these toppers are typically encased in a cover made of cotton and/or polyester. Featherbed covers are often quilted, or baffled, in order to keep the feathers contained and prevent clumping. Featherbed covers are measured using thread count, which refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Higher thread counts mean that the cover is less susceptible to wear and more likely to contain the feathers.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Featherbed Toppers?

Benefits of using a feather topper include the following:

  • Enhanced Comfort: Featherbeds are exceptionally soft, and will improve the feel and comfort of most sleep surfaces.
  • Easy Movement: Feather toppers provide little to no resistance, making them easier to move on that other toppers that sink deeply beneath a sleeper’s body.
  • Good for Sex: Featherbeds are responsive, somewhat bouncy, and low-resistance — and all three of these factors make them fairly suitable for sex.
  • Lightweight: As the name ‘featherbed’ suggests, these toppers are exceptionally lightweight. Most models weigh 20 pounds or less.
  • Sleeping Cool: Featherbeds retain minimal body heat, allowing them to sleep fairly cool compared to other toppers (particularly memory foam models) that tend to sleep hot.
  • Low Price-point: Featherbeds are fairly inexpensive ($100 to $150 on average)  and have lower price-points that many competing topper types. And because they usually perform for two to three years, they offer more ‘bang for your buck’ than memory foam toppers, which have similar lifespans and higher price-points.

Some drawbacks associated with featherbeds include the following:

  • Minimal Motion Isolation: Featherbeds do not absorb and isolate motion to the same extent as foam or latex models. This can be problematic for people who share their bed with another person and awaken easily due to motion.
  • Poor Shape Retention: Many featherbed owners claim that their topper becomes lumpy and misshapen after limited use. For most, the only solution is constant fluffing and shaking.
  • Odor Potential: Feather toppers often emit unpleasant smells when they are removed from their packaging, and these odors may persist over time.
  • Below-average Conforming: Featherbeds do not conform as closely as memory foam or latex toppers, and may not be suitable for sleepers who experience pain or pressure in sensitive areas of their body.
  • Expensive to Clean: Most feather toppers should only be dry cleaned, and never machine washed. These expenses can accumulate over time.
  • Allergy Risk: Feathers carry higher allergy potential that other topper materials.
  • Protruding Feathers: This issue is unique to featherbeds: some owners complain of feathers poking or protruding through the cover, which can cause discomfort and — in extreme cases — pose an injury risk.

Who Should Use a Feather Topper?

Feather toppers are considered most suitable for the following groups:

  • People who own hard or overly firm mattresses. Featherbeds are usually thick and soft enough to improve the comfort and feel of most sleep surfaces.
  • People who tend to sleep hot. Feather toppers absorb minimal body heat, allowing them to sleep relatively cool throughout the night.
  • People who have a hard time lifting heavy objects. Feather toppers are fairly lightweight, making them easy to adjust and maneuver for most sleepers.
  • People who prefer less restrictive mattresses. Featherbeds do not restrict movement to a significant extent, making them fairly easy to move on.

However, featherbeds may not be suitable for the following groups:

  • People who awaken easily due to motion or noise. Featherbeds do not absorb or minimize motion to a significant extent, and most models make crunching or squeaking sounds when bearing weight.
  • People who are sensitive to smell. Featherbeds may produce unpleasant odors that linger long after the topper has been unpackaged.
  • People who prefer a closely conforming sleep surface. Featherbeds do not conform closely, and those seeking a contoured fit may want to explore other topper options.
  • People who are prone to allergies, as feathers and down tend to accumulate dust and microbes, triggering allergies in the process.

4 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Feather Mattress Toppers Healthy?

Feather beds are brilliant for aches and strains in the body, and do well to create an additional layer of support between you and the mattress.

They are designed to help support the various pressure points of your body, especially the hips, back as well as shoulders. They regulate and redistribute heat well, allowing you to stay cozy and comfortable throughout the night.

2. How Long Do Feather Mattress Toppers Last?

Feather mattress toppers usually perform their best for about two or three years, almost the same as other mattress toppers.

The life of a feather toppers depends on how regularly it is re-fluffed, maintained and cared for.

3. How To Care For Your Feather Mattress Topper?

Feather mattress toppers are prone to lose their shape and become lumpy with prolonged use. To prevent them from losing shape permanently, these toppers must be regularly re-fluffed and shaken from time to time.

Feather mattress toppers should only be dry-cleaned, unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer.

4. How To Stop Your Feather Mattress Topper From Sliding?

For feather mattress toppers that do not stay put on the mattress, you may try using a non-slip matting between the mattress and the topper.

Corner elastics, an attached stretch skirt, duct tapes or even safety pins do a great job of keeping the mattress topper from sliding off of the mattress.

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