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round magnets in a mattress pad

Magnetic Mattress Pads 2019

Magnetic Therapy History Did you know that magnetic therapy has existed for about four thousand years? This particular therapy is mentioned in some of the earliest writings found in Egypt, China, India, and Greece. For example, The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine, dating from 2000 B.C., mentions the use of magnetic stones to balance […]

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Help relieve neck, back, and shoulder pain by reducing pressure points

Hospital Mattress Pads 2019

Being in bed for long hours, even when in perfect health is tiring, and it gets worse when one is bedridden or in pain. Thus, it’s important to make the beds as comfortable as possible so as not to cause more discomfort to the already uncomfortable patients. One sure way to go about it is […]

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toddler mattress pads

3 Best Toddler Mattress Pads Available On Amazon

Whenever you are up for purchasing an amazing mattress pad for your toddler, you need to take care of lots of things. You should not buy items based on their looks alone; you should keep the features in mind too. In today’s article, we will be reviewing all the finest mattress pads that you can […]

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mini crib mattress pads

3 Best Mini Crib Mattress Pads Available On Amazon

Children are sensitive in every way; they have got sensitive skin and a very sensitive health, i.e. immune system. They can catch diseases like allergies, flu, viral and bacterial infections more easily as compared to adults as they have a stronger immune system. We are sure all the parents are worried about this, and this […]

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Feathertop Mattress Pads

3 Best Feathertop Mattress Pads Available On Amazon

In the case, you need something that is fluffy and softer than usual, so you are at the right place, the feather top mattress pads, are all you need. They not just look soft, but it actually is, even more, softer than it looks. They are all made up original feather filling, and this is […]

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play yard mattress pads

3 Best Play Yard Mattress Pads Available On Amazon

Your child does not only require toys to play; you need to buy him a great play yard mattress pad too. This will make their play time the most relaxed time of the day. They can rest and play; they both go hand in hand when you have a play yard mattress pad. In this […]

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