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The Best RV Mattress Toppers

Best Mattress Pads    |  By Type of Bed 

Finding the best RV mattress topper shouldn’t be a difficult process. But all the options on the market these days has made what should be a simple task overly complicated. It provides the customer with a sense of frustration, which nobody wants to have in their lives.

Our article intends to fix this issue by guiding you through this entire experience. It’ll take this sense of frustration and flip it on its head by making this process incredibly simple.

All you have to do is keep reading and let us provide everything you could need for this search. I promise you won’t regret it.

In a hurry? The top rated RV Mattress Toppers after 25 hrs of research

  • Durable construction
  • Heat regulating gel beds
  • Aligns your spine
  • 3-year warranty

Our Top 5 Picks

Our first product on this list is the Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress Topper, which has various features that should pique your interest. I mean, several of this product’s aspects are things I loved to have in a mattress topper. Read More...

Good for

  • Every type of sleeper (back, side, stomach, combination)
  • RV Owners
  • Sleepers in all weight groups (light, average, heavy)


  • Isolates motion transfer.
  • Four inch thickness.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Hand washable zippered cover.
  • Available in seven different sizes.


  • Some customers reported the product wore down after a few months.

The Zinus AZ-GTFT-400 Mattress Topper is a product any RV owner would be lucky to have inside their rig. This product consists of a support and memory foam blend that will make your sleep something you love again. Read More...

Good for

  • Every type of sleeper (back, side, stomach, combination)
  • RV Owners
  • Sleepers in all weight groups (light, average, heavy)


  • Features green tea extract and castor seed oil to remove odors.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Available in six sizes and four thickness styles.
  • Uses both memory and support foam.
  • Good price and durable design.


  • Some customers reported a smell lingered after the given window.

If you intend on RVing in hotter climates, the LUCID Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper would be a great option to consider. You see, this product contains a plush get material, which helps maintain a cool environment when you sleep. Read More...

Good for

  • Every type of sleeper (back, side, stomach, combination)
  • RV Owners
  • Sleepers in all weight groups (light, average, heavy)


  • Available in seven sizes and two thickness styles.
  • Uses a gel memory foam.
  • Captures heat to control the temperature.
  • Good price and 3-year warranty.
  • Improves airflow.


  • Some customers reported durability issues.

The DreamFoam Bedding Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper is a product anyone looking for a bargain buy should seriously consider. It’s one of the least costly models on this entire list and doesn’t lack the features you might expect from a cheaper topper. Read More...

Good for

  • Every type of sleeper (back, side, stomach, combination)
  • RV Owners
  • Sleepers in all weight groups (light, average, heavy)


  • Available in eight different sizes.
  • Contains top tier memory foam.
  • Uses open cell technology to provide a cooler environment.
  • Low cost and 3-year warranty.
  • Doesn’t feature any harmful chemicals.


  • Only two inches of thickness.

If you’re looking a mattress topper to ease pressure and align your spine, the LINENSPA Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a product worth getting. Its use of ultra-plush memory foam makes it one of the best on the market in providing these qualities. Read More...

Good for

  • Every type of sleeper (back, side, stomach, combination)
  • RV Owners
  • Sleepers in all weight groups (light, average, heavy)


  • Available in seven different sizes and two thickness styles
  • Equipped with heat regulating gel beds
  • Consists of ultra-plush memory foam
  • Relieves pressures and aligns your spine
  • Durable construction and 3-year warranty


  • Some customers felt the topper was too firm.

Buying Guide – How to Shop for a RV Mattress Topper

What is an RV Mattress Topper

If you aren’t quite sure what an RV mattress topper is, there’s no reason you should worry. Understanding what these products isn’t overly complicated. It’s basically a thick comfortable pad that you place over your mattress.

What’s the purpose of this? Well, this pad will consist of materials that’ll ensure your sleeping session becomes much more comfortable. In doing so, it’ll soften up your sleep surface and give you a nice cushiony place to get a good night sleep.

This good night sleep is a result of the mattress topper’s overall design. This design offers your body comfort through the use of the contouring effect. As a result, it’ll make sure you don’t wake up with a stiff back by ensuring it’s well-aligned.

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I despise more than waking up with a stiff back. It’s a terrible way to start your day. And these products will help reduce this situation from occurring. Plus, it’ll make sure your back’s well supported as well your shoulders.

Of course, these products do come in all shapes and with different features, but this description is the general gist of what you should expect. Something that’ll help ensure you get a good night sleep, which your RV mattress might be struggling to provide.

And if you’re struggling with your sleep or having back problems, it’s quite apparent an RV mattress topper becomes a necessary purchase. All you have to do now is figure out which one fits your situation the best.

How to choose it

The market is saturated with all the types of toppers you can imagine. They’re also available at varying prices, models and brands. These mattress pads are also in different sizes.

For this reason, it would pay off that you don’t settle for one that you first find on searches. Instead, you must make a thorough investigation on what to look for so that you won’t regret your decision later. Check out the following for the factors to consider when shopping around for a good topper.


It is one of the most important factors that can help you decide on the topper you need for your mattress. It has to do with how well it will perform. If you would compare your choices based on the type of material, you might want to go for latex or memory foam; both can offer comfort features.

They can also improve the back, neck and spine alignment to get rid of any pressure points. Otherwise, the user can feel pain and discomfort.

That is why you need to ensure that you’re picking one that has quality materials, which can also let you get enough comfort for airflow. Good toppers are able to keep the user feeling cool even if the surrounding temperature is warm or hot.


It also matters to check on the thickness of the topper, which is also crucial in comparing your options. The most common ones include one to four inches. The right thickness will improve the contouring and comfort feel you will get from the mattress.

At the very least, thick toppers can retain heat and lead to discomfort. However, it will also depend on some factors including mattress density. You should compare your options and check for the different thicknesses available to find your perfect match.


It will be better to go for higher density foam, a suitable choice that also has to do with the effective performance of the topper. The density will also have to do with the durability of the topper. The problem is that high-density foam might harbor an odor and not much motion absorbent.

Also, a low-density topper might not be able to offer you with the comfort needed if you’re using a very firm or rigid mattress.


It has to do with the softness and firmness of the topper. If you have a firm mattress, you can choose a soft topper. This type of topper will work better for a firm mattress. But if you have a medium firm mattress, you might want a medium firm topper, too, for improved comfort.

There you what some of the most essential factors when comparing your options for a good RV mattress topper. We do hope you can make a better decision in finding a good topper for your RV mattress.

Types Of RV Mattress Toppers

As I stated above, you’ll come across all different types of RV mattress toppers during your search. This section will go over the five most common kinds to ensure you have a general idea of which one fits your needs.

RV Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

These toppers have become a favorite among RV owners thanks to their durability and overall convenience. People also often find that these products offer support to the head, back, and neck, which is unmatched by another other topper types.

This description probably has you asking why anyone would dare to pick a different type? Well, sometimes an RV memory foam mattress topper tends to arrive with an awful smell when unpacked. It also doesn’t help that these toppers suck in heat, which can make your sleep a sweaty nightmare.

If you’re a sweaty sleeper or don’t have reliable air conditioning, it might be best to go with another type.

RV Feather Mattress Toppers

Our next type is the RV feather mattress toppers, which do a fantastic job at softening up mattresses. And since RV mattresses aren’t always the nicest to sleep on, these products can become an excellent way to resolve this issue.

But feather toppers do have their set of issues as well. These products aren’t the best option for either people with allergy issues or dogs. The feathers inside these toppers can cause severe problems in both situations.

If you have allergies, the feathers might irritate the respiratory tract, which is never fun. And dogs love tearing at these toppers that means you could have feathers flying all over your RV. You’ll then end finding them in every nook and cranny inside your rig for months.

RV Cooling Mattress Toppers

This next type is perfect for people that love RVing in hotter climates or end up sweating a lot during sleep. You see, RV cooling mattress toppers’ offer a cooling ability, which will ensure you never feel too hot when you’re trying to sleep.

The cooling ability comes from their design that’s made with a gel material, which helps in creating a cool environment. As a result, it limits the effect hotter climates will have and provide a perfect night of sleep that you’re having trouble finding.

RV Latex Mattress Toppers

RV owners often choose RV latex mattress toppers due to the material used in creating them. You see, these products are made with green ingredients, which are health supportive. In other words, you don’t have to worry about any harmful side effects from their use.

In fact, if you’re looking for an all natural topper, the latex type would be the correct option. And don’t think these natural ingredients aren’t able to provide support or comfort. It’s quite the opposite as latex toppers are often among the top rated products within this market.

But these products tend to be a bit more expensive because of their all natural ingredients. We should also mention that these materials can create a less than ideal smell when unpacked.

RV Pillow Top Mattress Toppers

As the cheapest type, RV pillow top mattress toppers are flooding the market these days due to everyone looking for bargains. But these products are much thinner and don’t provide the firmness most people are looking for in a topper.

These qualities mean I wouldn’t support getting this type unless you’re uncertain about buying a topper. In other words, these products are the best option for people looking to test out a topper’s purpose first.

Benefits Of Using An RV Mattress Topper

I assume reading through all this information has given you some reasons why buying an RV mattress topper would be a good idea. But this section will sum the benefits of these products to ensure you know whether buying one is the right choice for you.

Protects Your Mattress

One of the more key benefits these toppers offer is protection. A topper will protect your mattress from all the issues that might cause it issues by acting as a barrier. This feature means any tears, spills, pet stains, or other problems end up affecting the topper rather than your mattress.

As a result, it’ll extend your mattress’s life by quite a bit. Plus, these toppers are often durable themselves, which means you can expect them to act as a mattress protector for many years.

Reduces Noise

Does your partner have an issue with moving around and causing a ton of noise during their sleep? I know, mine does and I would often find myself being awoken by her moving around, which would end up affecting my entire day.

But this issue was resolved by the simple act of buying a top tier mattress topper. You see, some of these products are capable of absorbing any noise made during sleep. It’s an effective solution for an issue that burdens many couples.

Provides More Support

The best mattress toppers will also provide your body more support with their use of the contouring effect. This aspect will ensure all your body parts are supported healthily and productively; therefore, massively improve your sleep.

It will alleviate all the pressure points as well, which means you can enjoy your sleep without waking up to joint aches and back pain. As a result, you won’t ever have to wake up feeling stiff and tired ever again with the right mattress topper.

We should also mention that the latex and memory foam types often do the best at offering support. Due to this, anybody with back pain should seriously consider looking at these two types exclusively.

Saves You Money

Let’s face it; buying a brand new mattress is expensive. It’s something you’ll want to avoid at all costs whenever you can. One of the ways you can avoid spending money on a new mattress is by investing in a top tier topper.

These products could provide you with the heavenly sleep that your mattress can’t. And all you have to do is spend about a ⅕ of what a new mattress would cost you. It sounds like a great deal to me.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy an RV mattress topper is through Amazon as their selection and prices are much better than the competition. It shouldn’t be a shocker as there’s a reason why most online shopping’s done through this site.

Plus, the amount of customer feedback Amazon has is another aspect where they separate themselves. There isn’t another place that features a wide range of both positive and negative reviews for each product.

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