Best Playard Mattress Pads 2022

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Your child does not only require toys to play; you need to buy him a great playard mattress pad too. This will make their play time the most relaxed time of the day. They can rest and play; they both go hand in hand when you have a playard mattress pad. In this article today, we will talk about three of the best playard mattress pads. They are reviewed in details; you can purchase the one that fits your requirements. Have a look at them:

Our Top 5 Picks

This is one of the finest playard mattress pads that you can ever have. It will make the playard of your child as cozy as the baby’s bed. It folds down into a compact size; this is why it is considered an ideal mattress pad for travel purposes. Read More...

A basic, waterproof mattress that's more comfortable for sleep than the playard pad. 3-inch playard mattress offers more support than standard playard pad. Helps baby sleep longer. Reinforced waterproof cover and binding resist liquids and stains. Antibacterial, waterproof, lock-stitched binding helps prevent mold, mildew, and odor. Measures 37.5" x 25.5" x 3". 90% foam, 10% vinyl. Accommodates babies 3 to 45 lbs. 

This mattress fits just about any playard, thanks to its rounded corner design. It can double as a sleep mat when baby outgrows the playard. Tri-fold memory foam playard mattress. Organic cotton mattress cover included. Measures 37.5" x 26" x 1.5" Includes carrying bag for portability. Can be used with playard or without as a nap mat.

Soft and cushioned, this mattress is meant for children who are at least 12 months old. 2-inch thick memory foam. High-density foam mattress with waterproof polyester cover. Trifold design. Bag for travel and storage. Measures 38" x 26" x 1.5". Hypoallergenic cover protects against bacteria, mold, dust mites, and allergens.

This innerspring mattress feels more like the real thing – offering you and your baby more sleep time. But it's not firm enough for newborns. 3-inch thick innerspring mattress. More supportive than foam. Antibacterial, waterproof, lock- stitched binding helps prevent mold, mildew, and odor. Measures 37.5" x 25.5" x 3". Reinforced waterproof cover resists liquids and stains.

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