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A good night’s rest is heavily dependent on how well you are able to sleep. Most certainly, the comfort level of your mattress can have some impact on how well you sleep. If you have a mattress that is too firm or too soft, you may not be able to sleep well. In some cases, your mattress may even have small depressions which have seemed to become permanent no matter what you do.

If you have any of these problems or you are simply looking for a way to protect your mattress while adding extra comfort, you should be looking for a mattress pad. A mattress pad is simply a padded cover for your mattress which fits it in a similar manner to a fitted sheet.

This means that the pad has a skirt which goes under the base of the mattress so it can be firmly secured. In some instances, there is a wrap-around elastic at the base of the pad for extra security.

Best Mattress Pads – Price Table

The Extra Plush Fitted Mattress Topper—Found in Marriott Hotels—Made in America, Full Pad is sold by Exceptional Sheets. It is a very good mattress pad and is a good way to restore an old mattress.

Because it is very soft and plush, it can be used to soften many types and sizes of mattresses. It also has the ability to keep you cool while you sleep which is an added bonus. As the name suggests, this mattress pad is not imported as it is made within the US.

As a means of easing your fears of buying this product, there is a money-back guarantee that is offered within the first 30 days. However, the price already makes this product quite irresistible as it is very well priced and is clearly not one of those overpriced products.


  • Item weight: 7.7 pounds
  • Made in the US
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Revoloft (fiberfill) filling
  • Feels like goose or duck down
  • Resistant to stain and moisture
  • Hypoallergenic filling
  • Machine washable


  • The fabric used to make the mattress pad is stain resistant so you do not have to worry about it getting permanently stained or even retaining moisture.
  • The comfort level of this pad is very high because it has more than ample padding.It can stretch to fit very thick mattresses.


  • While washing, some threads may unravel.
  • Some products may arrive with defective stitching so inspect the product carefully.

Bottom line

This product is well made and once you follow the care instructions, this mattress pad can last for several years. It is quite comfortable for sleeping and will help to keep you cool especially in the summer when it may get hot.

If you are trying to find an inexpensive mattress pad that offers good value for money, this is definitely a product that you should think about.

Hanna Kay currently sells a very good mattress pad called the Queens Size Hypoallergenic Quilted Stretch-to-Fit Mattress Pad. It is sold with a 10-year warranty and it is a very reasonably priced product. The comfort level of the mattress pad is beyond amazing.

Whether you lie down to sleep or you just want to relax in bed, this mattress pad will provide you with the ultimate comfort. It will hug your mattress like a glove because of how well it is designed to fit your mattress. The pad is quilted which means that the padding is secured in each small area.

This is a very good feature since it enhances the durability of the mattress pad and also contributes to the maintenance of the comfort level of the product. Made of a mixture of polyester and cotton, the material is quite breathable and has a bit of a cooling effect. Even more appealing is the fact that you can wash the pad in your washing machine when it gets dirty.


  • Made in US
  • Weighs approximately 3 pounds
  • 10-year warranty
  • Hypoallergenic fill
  • Plush, quilted surface
  • Knitted skirt can be stretched
  • Material: mixture of polyester and cotton (poly-cotton)
  • Easy to clean (machine washable)
  • Can be dried at high temperatures


  • You don’t have to worry about damaging the pad in the washing machine or the dryer because it is designed to be cleaned in both appliances.
  • It has a lot of stretch so it is able to fit even deep mattresses.
  • It has a very plush layer of padding so you will be very comfortable lying on top of it.
  • It has a very good thread count so it is not very likely for the threads to get loose.


  • It may get wrinkled if it is dried in very high heat.
  • Although it has a lot of padding, some may think that it is too thin.

Bottom line

This is undoubtedly one of the best mattress pads available on today’s market. The features of the product, as well as the price at which it is being sold, are quite incredible and it would be unwise not to check out this product before purchasing a mattress pad.

It provides a very soft, comfortable and luxurious sleeping surface while sold at a very budget-friendly price. You definitely should give this product a try—it would be a very good investment.

Pinzon sells a very commendable product known as the Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad—Queen. It is made from 100% polyester and has spandex included in the sides of the skirt so it can easily be stretched to various sizes to fit many sizes of mattress very comfortably.

The base of the mattress pad is made from olefin. Although this product is imported, it is in no way inferior to other products. It has an overfilled pad that gives a very soft and plush feel when touched. The surface of the mattress pad features very elegant and classy end-to-end box stitching which is done to ensure that the filling will remain intact so you do not have to worry about flat areas on the pad.

In total, the mattress pad weighs about 7 pounds and this is an indication of just how much padding has been placed inside the pad. As it relates to caring for this product, it is recommended that it should be cleaned by a professional or it can be dry cleaned.


  • Imported product
  • Weighs exactly 6.9 pounds
  • Materials: polyester, olefin and spandex
  • Loft-retaining, polyester filling
  • Overfilled for extreme comfort
  • End-to-end box stitching to keep the padding in place
  • Soft, durable padding
  • Fits very deep/thick mattresses
  • Professional cleaning recommended


  • It is extremely soft and comfortable because it has a lot of padding.
  • It is a cooling mattress pad so you will not get very hot while sleeping on it.


  • Because you have to get it professionally cleaned, it may be inconvenient and expensive.

Bottom line

If you are searching for a mattress pad that has a very luxurious feel, this is it. The Pinzon Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad—Queen is an incredibly plush mattress pad.

What’s even better about this product is that it is reasonably priced based on the features it has to offer and the overall quality of the product. If you do not mind getting your mattress pad professionally cleaned, this product may be the perfect fit for you.

The Hospitology Heavenly Microfiber Goose Down Alternative Overstuffed Mattress Pad is one of several mattress pad sold by Hospitology. It is a very soft and comfortable mattress pad that promotes very restful sleep.

With 24 ounces of gel filling, this pad offers a very high level of comfort when compared to many other brands and styles of mattress pads. Unlike some mattress pads which have a high polyester content in their filling, this mattress pad features hypoallergenic filling and has box stitching to prevent the padding from moving to unwanted areas in the mattress pad, as well as to prevent it from forming clumps.

The exterior surface of the pad is made of extremely soft brushed microfiber polyester. The mattress pad is so designed so that it is able to fit deep mattresses with a height up to 18”. Although it is machine washable, it may be too large and heavy to fit in small washing machines.

If your washing machine is small, it is very likely that you will have to take this mattress pad and get it cleaned professionally or you can opt to use a larger washing machine. Overall, the mattress pad weighs about 6.4 pounds when it is completely dry and it is stain resistant.


  • Weighs 6.4 pounds
  • Fits mattresses that are 54” by 75”
  • Can fit mattresses up to 18” high
  • Machine washable (in large machines only)
  • Contains 24 ounces of gel filling
  • Hypoallergenic goose down alternative filling
  • Box stitching to prevent leakage or clumping of padding
  • Stain resistant fabric


  • The pad is stain resistant so it will not permanently retain stains.
  • There is very little risk of allergic reactions because the filling is hypoallergenic.
  • The skirt can be stretched to fit even deep mattresses.
  • It is very soft and plush so it is comfortable to sleep on.


  • The mattress pad may fall apart or it may not be cleaned properly if you are not careful when washing in the machine.
  • Some areas may form lumps in the pad after washing.

Bottom line

This is a very commendable mattress pad that offers extreme comfort while sleeping. It is a very good buy as it is reasonably priced. If you are trying to find a mattress pad that delivers on both functionality and cost, you should definitely think about purchasing the Hospitology Heavenly Microfiber Goose Down Alternative Overstuffed Mattress Pad.

The Fitted Quilted Mattress Pad (Queen) sold by Utopia Bedding is definitely one of the best of its kind. It has a skirt that stretches so it can fit mattresses that are a maximum of 17” deep. This mattress pad is extremely soft and plush, plus it is quite durable if it is cared for properly.

The pad displays quilt stitching on its surface and contains fiberfill as its padding so you can rest comfortably on top of the mattress pad. The back of the mattress pad is made of vinyl and there is elastic all around the skirting to make sure that the pad will stay in place even if you move a lot on the top of it. This pad is machine washable and should be tumble dried—it cannot tolerate high heat.


  • Fits mattresses up to 17” deep
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Fiberfill filling
  • Vinyl back
  • Quilted stitching throughout the pad
  • All around elastic on skirting to secure the pad
  • Machine washable
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • It can also be used as a mattress protector because of its design.
  • The elastic firmly secures the pad in place.


  • The vinyl backing may melt if you do not dry it with low heat.

Bottom line

This mattress pad is very reasonably priced but is very effective at its job. It may be the most inexpensive mattress pad that has received such high ratings. If you are shopping on a very limited budget, this mattress pad may be the perfect fit for you. The Fitted Quilted Mattress Pad (Queen) sold by Utopia Bedding is definitely a product worth considering.

Do you wish to have a good night and prevent the bed bugs bite? Well, comfortable and undisturbed sleep is all you get with this premium microfiber polyester mattress pad which is not only very silky-smooth soft but it also blocks dust mite and animal dander allergens perfectly. You would definitely like to go through following product specifications which makes this mattress pad so valuable and unique:

WATER REPELLENT AND FIRST-CLASS MICROFIBER: It is soft, water resistant mattress pad having microfiber polyester which is also water vapor and air permeable for calm and comfortable sleep.

ALLERGEN-PROOF: This product is planned by a Certified Board Allergist and suggested by top Specialists and Professionals of Allergy.

Size: California King 72″ x 84″ (fits 9″-18″ deep)

Tested and Approved. It is tested and approved by Indoor Biotechnologies, Inc.

  • MADE IN USA. It is proudly manufactured in USA with high standard materials.

This quilted mattress pad is created in a form of fitted sheet. It not only can be utilized in replacement of a fitted cover, but it can also be used on top of a zippered encasing.

It is so soft that it will give you a feeling like you are floating in bliss. The major reason that you should buy it is its basic quality which is blocking dust mite and allergens 100% which can provide you pleasant sleep whole night long and save you from skin allergies. It totally worth the cost!

As it is available in 6 different sizes on Amazon, you can order any size you want.

This mattress pad is quite in demand and you can get a hold of it at an amazing price.

I would very much recommend this to those who don’t compromise on a quality night’s sleep!

Anyone would love to sleep on soft, plush clouds in hours of night with the outstandingly comfortable SFERRA King Mattress Pad.

This mattress pad is filled with hypoallergenic European white goose down fill which has a fill power rated 600+, certain to offer you a standard of relaxation you dream!

The goose down is enclosed in a 100% pure cotton sateen and designed in a way that is make best use of space and put a stop to shifting. No wonder why it is prized for its remarkable durability. It totally worth the cost!

  • Size: King Mattress Pad 78×80+20
  • Color: It comes in white color
  • Material: It is and hypoallergenic and has 100% cotton sateen
  • Filling: It is filled with European white goose down which has 600+ fill rating
  • It is machine washable in front-loading machine
  • It has Elasticized corners for comfortable and cozy fitting
  • Can cover up to 20 inch depth mattresses
  • It is proudly manufactured in USA.

Above all the other reasons, the best one why one should buy this product is this mattress pad has well-located elasticized corners which keeps it to its place and assure a welcoming fitting on top of your bed. Moreover, it is easy to wash and dry as it is machine washable.

All sizes of this mattress pad can accommodate up to 20-inch depth mattresses.

It is available in 6 sizes on Amazon all with free shipping; you can order any size you want.

I highly recommend this amazing Monmouth King Mattress Pad by SFERRA! It will definitely give you a feeling like you are in some five-star hotel with all that perfect white fitting and softness.

This High quality Upholstered Latex Mattress Pad made with pure Talalay Latex is just the right choice if you want to get the best rated mattress pad for your bed.

  • It has 3 Inches of 100% Pure Talalay Latex, , a non-skid bottom and good-looking beige side panels.
  • It comes with an 100 % Upholstered Organic Cotton Cloth Top
  • It is available in California King size which is filled with lush Medium Firm 32 ILD Talalay Latex
  • It is allergen proof and antiseptic in nature
  • Every custom Talalay Latex Mattress Pad is proudly manufactured in USA.

These unique features are just not it! This amazing Talalay Latex Foam Mattress Pad is evidently designed in a luxurious way!

You won’t disagree with to the fact that Latex doesn’t have any scents and it is best for people who are very sensitive with smells. It not only provides additional height to your bed but also it just fits it so well!

Unlike other mattress pads which are compromised just in a year, Latex has better-quality resilience and it lasts a long time. People who are heavy in weight would find it the REAL DEAL!

Tally-o Talalay Latex Foam Mattress Pad is in 6 different sizes on Amazon. You can buy whatever size you want.

I very much recommend it due to its support and reliability of being in its good shape.

The Sensus Mattress pads are highly rated for their high density foam. If you are looking for a luxurious looking topper for your bed this Elastic Memory Foam Mattress is just the right choice for you!

3 inches of 5 pound Sensus high-density elastic memory foam will give you the most comfortable and relaxed sleep you would have ever imagined.

It is incredibly true that this Sensus memory foam mattress pad is silky soft than any other foam topper. Sensus has got excited feedback from its numerous pleased customers who found it so much better than other brands in the market.

Top Features:

  • The Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad is top in the luxury mattress pads product line by Sensus
  • It is available in 3″ 5lb queen size
  • It is softer than the 5 lbs Tempur Pedic topper
  • You can order it with a 100% cotton quilted cover

The best thing about this product is that all the mattress pads by Sensus have a 5 year warranty.

You can order it with a 100% cotton quilted cover: These covers are manufactured from excellent 200-count cotton, lavishly quilted with 7 oz. They have a cotton layer which is crucial in providing the memory foam mattress pads additional breathability.

The Sensus Visco Memory Foam Mattress Pad is not only very firm, but it also become softer with body and the room temperature. This product is perfect in winter but the only thing which is somewhat not favorable is that in summer you would have to turn on the AC at low temperature to sleep at ease.

This Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad comes in 6 different sizes on Amazon; you can buy any size you want!

I highly recommend it as it is exceptionally relaxing, to a point that you won’t feel like leaving the bed. It can help you sleep so much better!

This Mattress Overlay Magnetic Pad can provide you the best night sleep you would have ever imagined!

Bioflex Magnetic Sleep Pads are usually suggested for those who have sleeping disorders. They have established great reputation for easing pains, speeding up the cure and develop better blood flow.

This is an excellent product that has concentric round magnets, which promise exact placement to the affected blood vessels.

Bioflex magnet is specially manufactured for human medicinal use. This innovative technology is just amazing! It is manufactured in a way that concentric rounded magnets are intentionally imbedded in the top layer to develop and improve circulation, speeds up healing and gives relief to pain.


  • It has a four-layer structure
  • Size: Queen Mattress Overlay (60″ x 80″)
  • It has ultra luxurious 4 way Stretch State of the Art MicroLux Fabric
  • It is high density extra soft foam and has 100% woven cotton channels

It is perfect to help people get a good night sleep. This revolutionary product is manufactured after years and years of research !

It has an beautiful looking resilient cotton cover. The best thing about it is that BMMI Mattress Pads are moveable.

They are available in 6 different sizes on Amazon. You can buy any size you need!

I highly recommend it due the amazing facts that it can reduce anti-inflammatory medicine intake, reduce pain indications and recover poor back functioning. Hence, it really can improve quality of your life with the quality of your night sleep! Totally worth the cost!

Mattress pads come in different sizes and styles. They can also fit beds of varying thicknesses. Be sure to check the product you are interested in to make sure it will fit your mattress size.

Health benefits associated with using a mattress pad

Apart from providing extra comfort and protecting your mattress against stains, dust and dirt, there are health benefits that may be experienced if you use a mattress pad. These include:

  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Decrease pressure on the skin
  • Prevention of bed sores (especially for persons who have to remain in bed most of the time)

Types of Mattress Pads

If your bed is too soft, you can add firmness by placing a mattress pad on top of it. Likewise, if your bed is too firm, you can make it plusher and soft by using a mattress pad. This speaks to the variation in types of mattress pads as well as thickness and amount of cushion.

Here are some materials that may be used to make mattress pads, ultimately affecting their softness, thickness and comfort levels, as well as durability in some cases.

  • Cotton—These types of mattress pads tend to be very soft and can be cleaned in a regular washing machine since they also tend to be fairly light.
  • Latex—Whether it is natural or synthetic latex, these mattress pads are often hypoallergenic and can be quite durable.
  • Memory foam—Of course memory foam is very light and this type of material is one of the more popular choices in mattress pads.
  • Wool—Everybody knows that wool if fluffy and soft. It helps with insulation and provides a very soft and comfortable sleeping surface.

How to Choose the Best Mattress Pad

If you want to ensure that you do not spend your money in vain, you need to know what to look for in a good mattress pad. It is actually not very difficult to figure out which products are better than others. Here are some tips that may be helpful in selecting the best mattress pad.

  • Look for mattress pads that have a skirt that is can be stretched. If the skirt can be stretched, it means that it should give a firmer fit on your mattress especially if the mattress is quite deep. Check the labels to see just how far the skirt can be stretched.
  • Select a mattress pad that has a quilted of baffled top. These designs help to ensure that the filling remains in place even after the mattress pad has been washed and dried.
  • Check to see the recommended cleaning instructions. You may want to select a product that can easily be cleaned, for example, one that is machine washable.

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