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Best Patchwork Quilts Available In The Market In 2020

Handmade patchwork quilts are a part of American heritage. Patchwork or “pieced work” is a form of needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn into a larger design. These shapes are carefully measured and cut, basic geometric shapes making them easy to piece together,

5 Best Marble Duvet Cover Sets Available in the Market

Do you think about bedding when you hear marble? People usually relate it to the kitchen, where it looks beautiful and luxurious. Or some bathrooms, where looks bright and great. And how about in your room? And I am not talking about your furniture… In

5 Best Toile Quilts Available in the Market in 2020

Toile has a distinct look and is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Although it’s considered to be a historical fabric, a new take or modern revival has occurred. From walls to bedding, this intricate design has been traditionally used since the

5 Best Embroidery Comforter Sets to Buy of 2022

Embroidery is an art which is made with help of needle and thread creating beautiful patterns of design on the fabric. The finish is sleek and professional, hard-wearing and durable.A well-done embroidered design is always good quality giving off a good impression. I give to