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Best Granny Square Blankets 2022

­Granny Squares can be used in many things! From carriers, pouches, purses, cute bags, totes to crochet clothes patterns, made with these beautiful designs. And, of course, blankets! They all are made of a ball of wool and some creativity. The crochet granny square is

5 Best Baby Milestone Blankets 2022

There are so many memorable activities to do when it comes to the first year of a baby in this world, especially when it comes to celebrating how fast they grow! To make more personalized photos at the convenience of our own home, and be

5 Best Faux Fur Blankets for Winter 2022

As winter continues, I love to wrap myself in fur for some way to stay warm. Manufacturers have achieved to this desire by designing easy care, cruelty-free fabrics, that mimic real fur. Faux fur blankets are popular in the linen world and make great gifts

5 Best Knit Blankets Available in the Market 2022

These blankets are not just comforting, cozy pieces. They give such an artsy appeal to your room as well. What’s also interesting is the fact that most knit blankets/throws even adapt to the temperature when it’s hot. And, best of all, they are really easy

5 Best Aztec Blankets Available in the Market 2020

If you are looking for a fresh change, and bright and bold colors, try Aztec patterns. It’s not that hard to do. In fact, Aztec-inspired look is one of the current trends and, in terms of home decor, it uses strong geometric patterns, texture and