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About Us


Mymattresspads is a list of the best bedroom products for people who want to save time spent researching when deciding what to buy. Whatever product you need – mattress topper, pillows, comforters, or curtains – we make your shopping experience easier by pointing you in the right direction based on your needs.

Our Story

Mymattresspads was founded in 2017 and is part of a group of home product enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, we have started several sites between 2017 and 2019 focused on reviewing and recommending home and garden products. We have proudly helped more than a hundred thousand buyers in the United States.

How we work

Our recommendations are made through a mix of research from customer feedback, product functionality, quality of materials used, product testing, and more than 20 years of shopping experience. It is important to mention that we do not accept payment for any product review and we maintain editorial independence from home product manufacturers.

We understand that reviewing every single product in the market is an impossible task so we strive to present our readers with a highly-curated product offering. We try to offer the best alternative that fits the lives of everyday people; hence, we are not looking for the finest finishes or materials in home goods. We would recommend these products to our friends, family and these are the same things we would choose for ourselves.

Do affiliate commissions make us biased?

At mymattresspads we stand for the consumer buying home goods. If the reader chooses to buy based on our recommendations, as a result, of our product curation and research process we often (but not always) earn an affiliate commission from the retailer. If the reader returns their purchases because they’re dissatisfied we make nothing. There’s no incentive for us to pick inferior products or respond to pressure from manufacturers. We consider that is a fair system that keeps us committed to always put our readers first.

The trust of our readers is the most important thing for us. We also invite you to fact-check our pieces and let us know if you disagree with our opinion or research. Each review or buying guide plainly lays out all the facts for why we made our picks so you can judge for yourself.

Finally, we really hope you enjoy visiting and reading our site!